Discussion papers

Interactive Paper Format

(to be circulated to all other members of your discussion group prior to the conference dates)

Time: 15 minutes (please note that this discussion does not include any presentation)

Title: (Not more than 8 words)

Keywords: (Six keywords encapsulating principles discussed)

Research Stream:

Autobiographical note:

  • Full name
  • Affiliation
  • E-mail address
  • Full international contact details

Paper Discussion Points

  • Purpose and Objective of research
  • Key Literature Review Discussion points
  • Design/methodology/approach - including context, choice of methodology and fit; design of instruments, sampling and analysis, country and industry focus
  • Findings and implication to MENA
  • Research limitations/implications (if applicable)
  • Practical implications (if applicable)
  • Social implications (if applicable)
  • Originality/value (mandatory)
  • Constraints if any in research study
  • Future scope of the paper
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